Fraud Blocker Raincheck Policy

MJT's Raincheck Policy

What do I do if the weather is not in my favor for my party and I want to cancel?
Do not worry Millers Jump Time Entertainment has you covered!

Millers Jump Entertainment LLC is sorry that your event needed to be cancelled.  Please know that your Raincheck will remain on file, good for up to 2 years from your cancellation date. If you cancellation request is more than 7 days from your event, Millers Jump Time Entertainment will gladly refund your full deposit and/or your full payment made. If you made a cancellation request within 7 days of your event Millers Jump Entertainment LLC will give you two options in regards to the payment made on your behalf.

Option 1: Millers Jump Entertainment LLC will hold onto the full payment and transfer those funds into your next event. With this option, Millers Jump Entertainment LLC is happy to schedule your next event and keep the pricing of your original invoice the same. This helps you if the cost of the equipment has been raised in the near future. In conclusion, the rescheduled event will be paid in full if the location and equipment remain the same as the original invoice.

Option 2: Millers Jump Entertainment LLC will retain half the payment already made, then refund you the other half of the payment. You will not be quoted the same price as your original invoice in the rescheduled event and may pay more if the cost of the equipment is higher in the future. 

 We look forward to you rescheduling at your convenience.  Your raincheck can be redeemed in 1 of 2 ways;

1)  Place an order online by visiting our website  Pay the minimum balance required then reply to the emailed confirmation we send, asking our team to apply the raincheck.  We will resend a new receipt once that raincheck is applied.

2)  Call our office and we can happily place the new order for you and apply that raincheck at that time. We recommended this option because our website may not recognize you and will not apply the raincheck. Don't worry, our team has a copy of your raincheck via files and online to make sure your raincheck is applied.

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