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Hot Dog Machine

Hot Dog Machine


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2023 11 Roller Grill Cooker Machine is now available to rent at MJT! Add this machine to your cart for a fast and efficient way to prepare for your event. Cook up to 30 hot dogs, taquitos, sausages, and more. 

  • Commercial-grade: Constructed of high-quality stainless steel, the PRO30 commercial-grade 1400-watt hot dog griller features 11 non-stick rollers that can cook up to 30 hot dogs at a time. These slow rollers rotate a full 360 degrees, cooking all items uniformly. This machine is suited for grilling all varieties of hot dogs, sausages, taquitos, and more.
  • Dual-temperature controls: Easy-to-use design has the power switch and separate temperature controls for front and back rollers conveniently located on the front panel. The dual-temperature controls allow for continuous cooking on the back rollers, while the front rollers keep the cooked items hot and ready to serve. 
  • Clean & convenient design: Cook and grill almost anywhere, and avoid the mess and hassle of a full-size conventional gas grill with this powerful yet compact design. Includes a removable stainless steel drip tray for easy cleanup. 
  • Integrated safety features: These hot dog rollers are equipped with a built-in fuse and a grounded US-standard 120-volt power cord for safety. Non-skid rubber feet provide a secure base for cooking and serving.

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